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Posted by One-Eyed-Jack - May 8th, 2019

Say, @RedeyestheSecound I found your YouTube channel since the link was on your userpage and I found this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j61zclUXeB8&t=3s It explains a lot about your behavior towards other people here on Newgrounds. You treat everyone like they're retarded and think that you're always right. It explains why you have a huge rage boner against the moderation staff for a ONE DAY ban and why you always rage at other users, especially the ones that were trying to help you on your newsposts. Get back on your anger pills, you psychopath. The users of this site are not your punching bags and believe it or not, but the mods on this site DO NOT have to give you a warning before banning you for breaking the rules. Stop being so entitled and get some help. Seriously.

@TheRoboTrickster @BetweenTheLines @WarriorTrone @Artur-Felipe @Boss @B-DOG2000 @BlazingFlash97 @bunzart


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maybe it wont work getting mad back at someone who sounds like they are having problems with the shitty therapy and pharmaceutical world and has an accent that doesn't necessarily mean that they're from a rural ghetto but seems to imply it heavily to me atleast ... idk whats going on here but if this guy isnt trying to evade IP bans or anything like that it sounds like he is maybe just being obnoxious?

Fair point, however, he needs to focus on getting the help he needs rather than harrassing users like me that tried to help him, and moderation staff.

In note, I do not know what is happening. I just do my own work and worry about my players. I have no problem with anyone.

If you want to talk

thank you

Oh, sorry to bother with you with this, in that case. RedEyes is just acting belligerent and refuses to listen to reason from anyone.

The guy does need serious help. It's almost come to the point where people shouldn't even feel sorry for him because I feel like he doesn't want to get the help he needs.

I saw that you tried to help him on one of his newsposts, as did I, and we both got freaked out on by him. Looks like he drinks a lot, too, looking at his YouTube videos. That won't help his anger any.


@Artur-Felipe @One-Eyed-Jack I understand. No need to apologize.

I don’t understand why I keep getting @ ed in posts regarding this guy lol, he’s never done anything to me. I don’t remember for sure but I vaguely recall him being quite friendly to me once.

He's a total dick. I'm only exposing him for what he is.