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Obligatory News Post

Posted by One-Eyed-Jack - December 22nd, 2018


It's been a while, so I suppose for the few who still check these I should let you guys know what's happened/what's going to happen.

  • I started taking anxiety/depression medicine, which has proven to boost my mood greatly.
  • I've finally got how to do this art thing.
  • I went to my last dentist appointment about 4 days ago, my teeth are all fixed now, and I'm taking better care of them.
  • Over this year, I've generally grown up and matured a lot.
  • Less anxiety = less OCD, thus less intrusive thoughts, and in turn better mood overall.
  • I will soon be getting a job, (probably after the first of the year.) my intent with this is to afford the things I need to start a youtube channel, where I will be creating Blender Tutorials from time to time, talking about games, playing games, etc. The job is mostly to afford a gaming PC so I can take on bigger projects, and record games.
  • If I can get good enough internet, I might also stream sometimes.
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand if I can ever get the hang of this programming thing, I'll definitely do other stuff too.

Other than that, yeah. I've just been playing games and stuff.

What about you guys?

Edit: Oh and also, Merry late Christmas, because my dumbass forgot to include that

Comments (7)

Meds can make a world of difference. I know from experience.

Yes indeed they can. I'm on a rather low dose, but it works for me so I'm not complaining.

Sounds like everything’s starting to look up for you,that’s great!I hope it always stays that way for you.

If you need any help or ideas,I’ll be happy to help.

Thanks man, same to you.

I've been meaning to ask someone this for a while, is there any models you'd like to see me make? Preferably an object, like a pen or something?

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack I have a leftover alien(not the Alien vs Predator kind,though) model from my last school.The thing is I’m not sure how to export it.

To an image, you mean?

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack Yeah,am I suppose to link the image to my email address in my message?

You could, and then just save the image, but there should be a way to just save the image, depends on what application you're using

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack I have a copy of the image in JPEG format and I realised that it's for Maya,another 3D program.Is that okay with you?

Sounds fine -- But characters aren't exactly my thing

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack I might have other models but I'm not sure how to export them other than the JPEG format.

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack I might have other models but I am not sure if I can send it over in a different format other than JPEG.

Oh no, I don't need models, just an idea
Like, tell me something you'd like to see me make a model of, and I'll try to make it myself