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Just lurking.

Posted by One-Eyed-Jack - September 1st, 2018

No one cares. I know that.


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Good song.


Sup,how have you been,man?It sure has been a while.

Indeed it has. I'm alright, I suppose. What about you?

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack Good to hear!For me,I started school about a month but it felt like I’ve been there for a year or two.There was work almost Everyday,something that’s very different from my last school so I’m still getting used to it.

That sucks. I was trying to get a job for a while myself, but that just didn't go well. So I'm just gaming and stuff as usual. Working on art on the side, very slowly. Even though this account is pretty well dead.

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack Haha,I also feel that same way half the time but since I got myself here...It’s the same for my account too;I have only been here to check for messages.Maybe you can do art commissions(if you think you’re ready)while job-hunting.Here,learning how to do art in class feels like running on treadmill at times.

It will, that's why I'm just learning as I go. As for art commissions, I've thought about doing gun-related commission work. But I couldn't do it for games as my gun models are extremely high-poly, and made more for movies than games. I can't work even if I wanted to, due to the situation with my family.So the next thing is learning to drive, I guess. And yeah, that's the only thing I come here for myself.

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack Hmm,so you’re into game-making?I think I still have my old school notes about this-I was in game-making before-so I can give them to you if you want(after I find them,that is.)And I hope you’ll do better in your driving than I did(I took nearly two years).Anyways, whatever your plan is,all the best,bud!

That'd be cool, if you want to. Thanks man
Looks like you and I are in the same boat, because I honestly failed my test to get my learners permit, so I can't even actually drive yet. I've always been terrified of driving too, but not so much anymore. Just trying to get my permit. It's taken me about 2 years so far, just to get comfortable behind the wheel. I'll get the hang of it eventually
Thanks again, man. Same to you

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack I’m sure everything will work out fine for you.It did,for me mostly.You just need to stay calm and remember the basics during your driving test and you should be fine.

My test is yet the written test, but thank you
One of these days I'm gonna get my license. But for about 4 months I've just not been doing much. Just gonna stay here, and always be the same, I guess. At least for a while yet.

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack You can do that or you could do what I always do-somehow ending up in school.Seriously though,I’m quite worn out.

I myself am pretty well defeated. That's why I'm not doing anything productive. As for school...
College is the only option I have right now. Or night school. And college would put me in debt to a point that I'd be paying it until death. So there's not much I can do, provided I can't get a job, and don't even feel like driving.

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack it could also be that you just haven’t found your goal yet so it’s too early to say that and I am also still finding mine.So night school is a better option then? I wonder if there’s any difference between night schools here and those in America.Here,if I remember,it will last from 6.30/7p.m earliest to 10 p.m in my last school and students have to pay extra(though I don’t know how much).Volunteering for events is another option but those don’t always happen. You can also be a pay for hire driver(Uber) once you have a license.

True. Yes, night school is a better option, debt was literally designed to be nearly impossible to pay, so... It's better to just never get into debt, than to get into it and then try to get back out.
Night school is exactly the same here then, though I'm not sure if you have to pay extra having never done it myself, lol
I don't think volunteer work is something you're paid for in America, at least not all the time, but it's still rewarding. And Uber, huh? That might be interesting.
I know that eventually I'm gonna have to get this all figured out, but I've still got a while. I'll be using this time to prepare mentally.

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack Sounds like you got a plan!And if you ever do become an Uber driver,I hope you don’t get into this kind of ‘situations’(http://www.thesundaily.my/news/2017/06/06/did-uber-driver-pick-ghost-cemetery).
Take all the time you need to get yourself ready so when the iron is hot,you know what to do...
Good luck!

Unfortunately, that article wouldn't load. But yes, I have a plan. Just... Not the motivation.
It's all I can do. Until I finally feel like getting all this shit done.

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack Oh well,anyway,the moral of the story is that when you become a driver-for-hire,you may find yourself picking up a special kind of ‘passenger’(but it would make a good Halloween story.)Just take your time and go slowly until you get there.

Heh. I get it now. After that one thing that happened a while back, I'm not sure Uber is for me. But if all else fails, it might not be too bad.
That's really all I can do. Hopefully one of these days I'll get a date set and crunch for a few days, then go get my learners permit. It's not like I have anything else to do now that I don't have a pc.

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack Well, my Mother has told me a few times if all else fails,at least know how to drive(or that’s how I hear it). Good luck for your permit.

Thanks, man. I'll work on it after I get this Doctors appointment and Dentist stuff out of the way. Gotta go see a new dentist in 2 days, and I have to go to the doctor later today. (It's passed 12 AM, so...)

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack Hope everything works out for ya!

Thanks! Have to go to the dentist tomorrow. Not looking forward to it, but gonna just get it done. Then I can start to focus on more important shit

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack How were your check-ups?

Gotta get my wisdom teeth removed in a few days. Got some anxiety meds. So I'm not too worried.

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack Hope it won’t hurt too much then.I still haven’t removed mine and I’m not too sure if that’s a good thing...

Me either, but that'll make my dentist happy. I'm not gonna be awake for it, fortunately. But I'm gonna need pain meds and probably spend a few days just sleeping, so.. Yeah. If I randomly disappear, don't worry. I'm just recovering.

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack How are you feeling?

Sore. My gums are stitched shut, and the only thing keeping it from hurting even worse is my pain meds. Can only eat soft stuff, and of course I'll be sleeping a lot due to that. But at least it's over.

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack That made me want to avoid removing my wisdom teeth even more.Hope you get better soon,man!

Trust me dude, if they're impacted it's better to deal with this rather than get serious infection or bad tooth decay from keeping them. Thanks btw, I'm feeling a lot better today.

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack So far,I feel nothing but I’ll keep your words in mind,just in case.

Good. I really hope you will, because the benefits of getting them removed honestly outweigh the pain and soreness. Take it from me, because I hate going to the dentist.

How are you these days?

I'm good, I've recovered nicely from getting my wisdom teeth out and I just work on and off on models now. Had a friend tell me the other day I should sell my models, and I might just try. Couldn't hurt to make a bit of money. What about you?

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack That’s good to hear.For me,nothing much is going on except that I’m rushing to meet deadlines.Sounds like your friend came up with quite a good idea.So you’re going to Patreon for that?

Nah, probably Gumroad, I'd prefer to sell it outright rather than do a monthly thing, I don't always have new stuff to offer
I've been talking to a girl who's in college. Exams and stuff suck.

@MchectorII @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack Well,school to most students is like veggies to kids.We all hate it but at the end,we know it will continue to exist.

I found this website and thought you might be interested:

Good luck with your sales!

Yup, that's the truth.

Oh wow, that's perfect. The seamless textures would really help with making my scenes look more realistic, thank you very much

Again, thanks man. I'm not doing anything else today so I might just go ahead and look into becoming a seller on Gumroad, I'll have a look at RenderHub too

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