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maybe it wont work getting mad back at someone who sounds like they are having problems with the shitty therapy and pharmaceutical world and has an accent that doesn't necessarily mean that they're from a rural ghetto but seems to imply it heavily to me atleast ... idk whats going on here but if this guy isnt trying to evade IP bans or anything like that it sounds like he is maybe just being obnoxious?

Fair point, however, he needs to focus on getting the help he needs rather than harrassing users like me that tried to help him, and moderation staff.

In note, I do not know what is happening. I just do my own work and worry about my players. I have no problem with anyone.

If you want to talk

thank you

Oh, sorry to bother with you with this, in that case. RedEyes is just acting belligerent and refuses to listen to reason from anyone.

The guy does need serious help. It's almost come to the point where people shouldn't even feel sorry for him because I feel like he doesn't want to get the help he needs.

I saw that you tried to help him on one of his newsposts, as did I, and we both got freaked out on by him. Looks like he drinks a lot, too, looking at his YouTube videos. That won't help his anger any.


@Artur-Felipe @One-Eyed-Jack I understand. No need to apologize.

I don’t understand why I keep getting @ ed in posts regarding this guy lol, he’s never done anything to me. I don’t remember for sure but I vaguely recall him being quite friendly to me once.

He's a total dick. I'm only exposing him for what he is.

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OK I can Invite a group of my friend's you don't know too but you know what is most funny i was not notified about this post till today yet it was made back in may ?.... So I figured you made the post with out tagging me back then and figured "ah damn he blocked all our trolls and still getting subscribers so .. might as well finally tag him .. and change it up a bit .. that is my guest

rewatch the video and read comment

Your... Guest?
With all due respect, you really need to work on your grammar dude. I tagged you in this as soon as I posted it, so idk what the fuck's going on regarding that. Also, I don't have "trolls" because I was only trying to help you understand the rules of this website, but that backfired. Eh, oh well.
Also if that is true then it does suck, I would recommend trying different medicine, eventually you're bound to find something that won't cause side-affects.

WOW They almost had you @RedeyetheSecond but um..yeah horribly dubbed and edited movies do not serve as evidence of someone needing therapy and I don't think it is funny to mess with someone like that...um that is not even RedEye in that video, it is someone else, so it is kind of messed up that people still think all white people look alike, so you can just find any face and put a camera in front of it and tag a name to the face and no one will know the difference. Very rude. I wonder what video or comment @RedeyetheSecond gave to inspire such a conspiracy?

I'm not even sure how to respond to this, beyond the fact that that he outright attacked me when I was only trying to help him understand the rules.
Also yeah that actually is him, I know it is. I found the channel linked to his profile, so either he's lying about being someone else, or I'm right.

@One-Eyed-Jack I don't know why you even started this about him even though there are people on Newgrounds who are way more toxic than him, and some of those toxic people are among the Audio section. Expose them.

Refer to the response below this, and you'll know why. I'm done exposing people however, there's no getting the point across

@RedeyestheSecound i mean maybeeeee im not sure ive beenn very busy irl traveling and visiting my neice from california because I just moved to NYC

@RedeyestheSecound @One-Eyed-Jack
I recommend you lay off on defaming my name and chill...

What have I done this time? I didn't say anything that isn't true, and I was quite calm about it.

gee , i feel bad for you having to deal with this

It's all good, no ones fault but mine. I made this news post.

@RedeyestheSecound @One-Eyed-Jack @One-Eyed-Jack you were trying to make me look crazy bud calm or not you can still be an asshole if you wanna be good with me remove this post i am getting false flags cause of it ALMOST LOST MY CHANNEL LAST WEEKEND CAUSE OF YOU almost oofed my self CAUSE OF YOU FOR THAT FACT OF GETTING FALSE FLAGS so calm or not you can still be an asshole please just leave me alone or talk good about me not in a jerk way like you are better than me even when i was trolling you all I NEVER acted like i deserved to be treated better or acted better than you guys or even smarter in that case so seance i never did any thing like that to you or your "friends" umm why is it ok for you to do to me? you took a joke and shoved it up your butt and got butt hurt thats not my fault dude

I do agree with you, yes I can be an asshole but at the same time, I sound more like one that I am at times, call it a kind of "Resting bitch face" but on the internet.
However if it was indeed all a joke then I am willing to put this behind us -- but next time you joke like this, you need to tell people it was one lol
I'll give you time to read this, once you respond I'll delete the post. I just want you to see this first.

The fucc did I miss? I've been dead for months.

Eh. An argument, that's pretty much it